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Gridcross 1993 game by Tony Greenwood Guided Missile -1991 Arcade game by Gavin M Thorton
Heartland platformer from Tony Greenwood Hellgate -1997 First person shooter
Henriettas Book of Spells -Educational game from T.R Tulloch Hero
Hexapawn -Boardgame from Eric Elson Hop -1992 platformer from Iain Young
Horse Racing Simulator -1990 strategy game from Mark Loveday Hostile Reception 1990 shoot em up game by Eddie Bryan and Ian Chapman
Hot Wheels -1991 racing game by John Gymer Human Extraction and Rescue Operation -1987 arcade game from Tony Greenwood and Bob Goodfellow
Hunchy 1066 -1993 platformer/action game Hunchy 2010-1993 platformer/action game
Inferno -1989 arcade game from Simon Brown Infinity One -DISK 1-1993 adventure
Infinity One - DISK 2-1993 adventure Infinity One - DISK 3-1993 adventure
Infinity One - DISK 4-1993 adventure Infinity One DISK 5 -1993 adventure
International Cricket 1992 Sprt game from John and Peter Campbell Iraky 1991 Arcade game
Island Strike 1996 game from Tony Greenwood Jiggers 1992 puzzle game from Digital Dimension
Just Another Silly Sports Sim -sports game Kass Kong -1991 Breakout/pong game
Killing Time -Game from Jason Huerta and John Wangler League Soccer 1990 sports/strategy game by Robin Hill
Letters Game from Undersoft and Geoff Camp Light Bikes game from Simon Hazelgrove
Light Cycles 1990 arcade game from Philip Bishop Line Of Four- Connect 4 type game 1989 by Philip Bishop
Magic Tomb 1993 Action game from Chris Sharp Match Maker 1992 puzzle game from Dave Cobbledick
Maths Action Educational game Max 1994 platformer by Nathan Taylor
Micro Maniac 1992 platformer from David Rudge Micro Maths 1989 educational game
Mind Warp 1992 game from Richard Davey and Rob Annett Mindlock 1992 puzzle game
Mine Crazy 1992 puzzle game from Iain Young Mission Deadzone 1990 shoot em up from Philip Bishop
Mister Tiler puzzle game from Eric Elson Mix and Match 1990 puzzle from Keith Feeney
Motorway Death 1989 Arcade game from Steve and Stu Oliver Mr Dice 1991 puzzle game from John Shephardand Elvis Artwork
Mr Tilers Apprentice puzzle game by Eric Elson Mummys Playtime 1998 Cardgame from Silly Software
Munchkin Pacman style Arcade game Napoleon I - The Campaigns 1805-1814 -Strategy game