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Nibblers Arcade game from Erictonics Nostram 1992 platformer from Dan Walton
Nuklear puzzle game On The Pull 1991 Adult Adventure game by Led Sparx and Dal Snuffs
Orbit-Breakout/Pong style from Francois Lionet Othello 1994 Boardgame from Petri Sinisalo
Overdrive 1996 racing game by Ross McNaughton Ozone 2 platform game by Nick Harper
Parabellum 1989 platformer from Alex Dewdney Pelmanism puzzle from Eric Elson
Perils Of Penfold 1989 game from Philip Bishop Peskies 1997 game by Howard Clarke
Phantom Slayer 1994 game from Staal Loeseth Picker 1989 game from Oskar Burman
Pipe Line 1990 Puzzle game from Geoff Camp Pipetris Serious software game
Planet Man Game by Oskar Burman Platform Capers 1992 platformer by Kay Downes
Plop 1992 puzzle game by Jon Lewis and Simon Hall Plumb Crazy 1990 Arcade game from Keith Feeney
Pop 1992 puzzle game by Iain Young Postman Pat -Educational game based on the cartoon characters
Postman Pat 3 -Educational game based on the cartoon characters Power Cut 1993 platformer
Prehistorik 1991 platformer by Titus Project Purify Arcade game by Mikael Lundberg
Psicotic 1989 shoot em up Puccer 1993 Breakout/Pong game by Matthew Green
Pure Logic 1992 puzzle game by Tony Martin Pushover puzzle game from Peter F Rees
Pyramid Game by Oskar Burman Quatris 1991 puzzle game by Gary Wheaton and Stephen Allen
Queen-Chess type boardgame Quest for Knowledge -1994 puzzle game by Dave Cobbledick
Quizical 1991 trivia game Quizical Volume 2 1992 trivia game
Race -1992 Arcade game from Colin Watt Raceplus 1995 game by D Johnston
Rebound 1993 Breakout/Pong game Reflection 1993 game from Baart Hoofd
Restart 1997 from Howard Clarke Return of Jusse 1993 game by Chris Skellern and Gary Wheaton
Roll It 1993 dice puzzle game Rolling Blasters Arcade game by Atte Oksanen
Rumbo Platform game from Peter Halloran Saavy 1991 puzzle game by William C Anderson
Saviours of Hope 1996 role playing/puzzle game Scary 1989 Arcade game from Ediie Bryan and Ian Chapman
Sea Fisherman 1989 game from Paul Dowers and Neil Scrimgeour Sensitive ST 1997 game by Arge Mipran