- The LaST Upgrade -

PART 10 - GemBench6

Last updated - October 3, 2021


GB6 is no longer publicity available , sorry.

Why ?

I wrote GB6 as I needed something more than GB4 offered. I needed something I could update and be more accurate. GB6 has proven a invaluable diagnostic tool for myself for the past 5 years. I offered GB6 as I thought it would be useful to others as well.

Unfortunately ever since I released GB6, people have pretty much done nothing but complain about it. Where "what it does, and does not do" is in the readme file which nobody reads. I think 99% of people do not understand how to use it, then publish crazy results which are meaningless. Then they blame GB6 for not doing as they expect, when the users are not using it properly in the first place! People have even got damn right abusive towards myself over all this as well.

So I have decided to no longer publicity host or offer updates to GB6. I do not want my work associated with idiots and really don't want to deal with idiots full stop.