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by Matthew Bacon


Every month, I try to take the opportunity to surf the internet in search of new and interesting Atari web sites. This month, my search led me to, an Atari web portal run by MyAtari reader Mark Duckworth.

The site is powered by the popular PostNuke (php based) web portal and sports a rather funky - yet intuitive - design. (originally launched about a year ago by Noah Silva) was re-vamped by Mark in December 2001 and already features a great wealth of content.

[Screen-shot: Homepage of]

The logo sits prominently at the top of every page, under which links to the eight main sections of the site appear. The rest of the page is split into three columns.

The left column contains links to the various sections of the site, including; Articles, Downloads, News, Reviews and Topics. The central column contains the breaking scene news stories which have been submitted by the sites webmaster or members. If a particular news article takes your interest, you can read the full story by simply following the link provided. The right column contains a regularly updated survey for visitors to take part in, as well as links to past news articles and news currently featured at the Atari Users Network.

Upon delving further into the site, I came across some rather cool and interesting features, including;

  • Articles entitled...
    • The problems with Free software... A different perspective
    • The great hardware upgrade debate
    • STiNG versus STiK2 versus iConnect versus MiNTnet versus MagiCNet
    • Noah Silva's DVD Debate
    • Minimalist Guide to a Falcon Tower Case
    • What are GEM Resource files?

[Screen-shot: Article from]

[Screen-shot: Review from]

[Screen-shot: Topics section of]

As a result, one critism I have of is that Mark has - for some unknown reason - chosen not to more widely promote the sites fantastic contents. If you've got it, flaunt it! Consequently, many Atari enthusiasts that visit for its up-to-date news could be missing out on the sites articles and reviews.

So, is worth bookmarking? Sure. is regularly updated with the latest scene news and gossip and deserves the support of the on-line Atari community. The next time you are surfing the web, I strongly recommend that you drop by and see what all the fuss is about.



URL: or


  • Funky (yet intuitive) design
  • Regularly updated scene news and gossip
  • Feature packed


  • You have to register before you can submit news
  • Too much cool content is hidden from the casual visitor
  • Javascript is used which limits CAB users from making the most of the site.




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