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System requirements Charming Chaos is an algorithmic MIDI sequencer, with a built-in DNA Seed Construction tool that enables you to create your own algorithms. Music composed in Charming Chaos can be recorded in real-time to disk as a type 0 MIDI file, ready to use in your favourite MIDI sequencing package for further editing. If that's not enough, Charming Chaos also runs as both a desktop accessory and a standalone GEM program, so you can run it at the same time as another sequencer.
In issue 14 of Atari Computing, Charming Chaos was reviewed, and awarded 90%... "Easy to gain listenable results in a very short time... the user interface, performance tools and price tag make it very attractive."
Sound on Sound reviewed the program in issue 9 (volume 14). "It's capable of creating quite complex results, and behaves like almost nothing else that's available commercially... recommended if you want to explore an unusual, fun and stimulating way of generating new musical material."

DNA Seed Construction Window You can program your own algorithms using the
vast array of parameters in the DNA Seed Construction Window.

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