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System requirements EC-909 is an analogue drum machine and bass line generator. It features 16 sounds taken directly from the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine, and a bassline generator for squidgy TB-303-style riffs. Up to ten drum and ten bass patterns can be programmed, then arranged in the song sequencer enabling you to build a whole tracks' worth of drum and bass. Alternatively, once you've created your loops, they can be either exported as a sample to use in your direct-to-disk recording software, or sent, via MIDI, to an external sampler. You can even save a MIDI file template of your patterns.
In issue 27 of Basique, EC-909 was reviewed... "Best of all, straight out of the box, it comes with a utility to incorporate your own samples. This really makes it an open-ended rhythm engine rather than just a current fad, drum machine. It's a serious drum machine, too. Not only does it support real-time MIDI play of the pads, but you can also export the pattern to an AIFF file, or indeed MIDI sample dump it to your sampler."

EC-909's sample transfer dialogue box With EC-909's sample transfer dialogue box you can
send bass, drum or both patterns to your MIDI sampler

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