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Main features MIDI Arpeggiator is a mini analogue-style MIDI sequencer for creating arpeggio sequences, cool synth riffs and bass lines with your MIDI sound module or keyboard. With all its real-time editing features, MIDI Arpeggiator is perfect as a live performance tool, but because it also runs as a desktop accessory it's great as a compositional aid for your MIDI sequencer too.
Sequences can be exported as either a type 0 or 1 MIDI file, and imported directly into your sequencing program. Other powerful compostional and performance tools include independent note and velocity editing, automated pattern fill, note filtering, and the ability to copy and paste pattern segments.
In issue 4 of Atari Computing, MIDI Arpeggiator was reviewed, and awarded 85%... "I've had hours of fun exploring MIDI Arpeggiator, and am quite sure that some of its classic analogue-style sequences will find their way into my compositions..."
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