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System requirements Scribble Synth is a software-based additive synthesizer, but with a difference: you create sounds by literally 'scribbling' them on the drawing pad. It's a much more fun way to generate some fantastic and dynamic sounds for your MIDI sampler or sample sequencing program than trying to wrestle with the complex mathematics involved in additive synthesis. Combined with features such as user-definable sampling rates, MIDI sample dump, custom frequency band mapping and sample export, Scribble Synth is the ideal tool for professional studio musicians and home enthusiasts alike.
In issue 15 of Atari Computing, Scribble Synth was reviewed, and awarded 74%... "It bears all the hallmarks of an Electronic Cow release, namely enthusiastic presentation and value for money. It's entirely possible to desing some intersting sounds with total spontaneity."

Options window As well as setting the export sample parameters the
waveform type and slice density can be set in the Options box

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