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System requirements Snippit Synth is a software-based sound synthesizer, using the granular sound modelling system. This system uses lots of tiny pieces of waveforms (each of which has its own user-definable temporal, spectral and amplitude characteristics) and combines them to form a composite sound, just like tiles in a mosaic form a complete picture. As well as being able to create an almost limitless palette of sounds Snippit Synth has a range of cool features, including built-in effects, MIDI sample dump, sample import and export.
In issue 22 of Basique, Snippit Synth was reviewed... "Snippit Synth can produce some very interesting evolving textures which you'd never normally get from a synth or sampler... the granular sounds are really quite amazing. With looping, enveloping, mapping, and effects, you'd think it was a MicroWalf or something."

Snippit's MIDI dump window Transfer your granular sounds to your MIDI sampler
using Snippit's built-in sample transfer function

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