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System requirements Squash it! is a sample processor that has the ability to transform a single sample into a whole library of sounds. It features more than forty different algorithms, including: studio effects such as a delay, compressor, gate, time/pitch compression/expansion; resynthesis tools such as amplitude and pitch LFO, low/high/comb (FIR/IIR) filters, envelope shaper, modulation; and unique sound processors like Explode, Granularise, Smooth, Expand, Mosaic, Blur, Erode and many more. Other editing tools include sample transfer, drum split, a clipboard facility, undo, and sample-accurate waveform editing.
In volume 14 issue of Sound on Sound, Squash it! was reviewed... "As comprehensive a selection of audio manipulation and mangling tools as anyone could wish for. If you're an Atari user who works with audio, you should own this software..."
And in issue 13 of Atari Computing, Squash it! was awarded 87%: "Prepare for a twiddle-fest; Squash it! is the Atari sound designer's Swiss Army knife..."

Squash it! effect window All of Squash it!'s processors are displayed
in their own rack-mount style windows.

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