Aighternet Party

Another day, another convention for TXG


Here another story that is a little late but I think you like it. Finally there was another nice party in Germany from 16 to 18 May 2003. It was the next "8-bit vor 12 Party" only the name has changed. I drove on Friday evening to this location. It looked very simple but I got lost because this small village was not on the map. After calling R.I.K./F2 and getting an explanation I then found the location.

[Photo: Harry unpacking]

There were already some 8-bit/16-bit users there and I started to unpack my Atari 8-bit stuff.

After unpacking I got a beer and waited for TWW/MNX to arrive, he wanted to ride his motorbike and got lost as well, but later he arrived safely.

Then I walked to some people to talk to them and watched what they were doing. Erhard was still coding in assembler on the 8-bit. He is programming a new sector copier. This should have some great features and can handle 16 MB drives.

[Photo: Playing games]

We talked a lot and played with my Ethernet project. Also we played some nice games like SuperFly, I must say it's very addictive and lots of fun. We now really had some time to talk about Atari and relax with a pizza and a beer...

In the morning Foundation Two arranged a nice breakfast with some good coffee, we needed that... 

We watched some demos and games on the 8-bit. Everybody was very interested to see them. We watched demos for at least an hour.

[Photo: People crowded around machines]

This time there was an Atari Falcon030 user, too. He connected his Falcon to a local network we made with some laptops to share all Atari related things. I copied my complete FTP server with 8-bit software and the latest pictures of Error In Line and set up an FTP server on my laptop there so the people could get the files and upload their Atari things, so I had some new things to put on my FTP server back home.

[Photo: Falcon with Ethernet adapter]

This Falcon was connected to the Ethernet with a ROM-port PCB that was connected to a Pocket Ethernet adapter. Although I have this hardware myself I didn't have the time to build a network at home to test it. So for me it was nice to see how it worked.

In the afternoon tWh of Foundation Two was preparing for his barbecue. He is the absolute master and brought the famous "Thuringer Bratwurst" like he did at Error In Line 3. Seems this will become a tradition.

[Photo: Delicious German sausages on the barbecue!]

The event was pretty cool although it was two days and small. But these kind of meetings are nice because we are all very good friends... Later in the evening after we ate some pizza (again) we connected a monitor to my laptop and watched some Futurama cartoons. These are very cool and everybody had a good time.

Sunday morning we went to a small restaurant and got something to eat. Later we played some games on the 8-bit and Falcon030.

[Photo: Group photo with the Dutch guys' Atari banner]

About 16:00 we helped Foundation Two to clean the place and we took our group photo with the MNX flag and, of course, two real 8-bit machines. Then we left for home. I arrived home late in the evening and the next day I had to work again, but it was worth it to drive for four hours to this place in Germany.

I'd like to thank Foundation Two for this nice event and I hope there will be another one next year.


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