Del's Atari in the USA 2003

Austin Gaming Expo


Last issue it was the UK JagFest, and this issue the Austin Gaming Expo or as it turned out the Atari Gaming Expo.

Atari was really showing its colors at this year's show. Several booths had vintage software and game systems for all to view and some to play.

When I arrived at 11:00 the hotel lobby was crowded and there was a long line most of the day just to get into the show. The show had most major vendors from the newest to the oldest game systems out on the market.

[Photo: Signing up to enter]

When I walked through the door I was not expecting the wall-to-wall crowd that was filling every open space.

[Photo: Crowd just inside the entrance]

Once I made it through the door I found a well-known Macintosh software company with a large display of new games. Aspyr is located in Austin and was showing off new games on the Power Mac.

[Photo: Aspyr booth]

Next to Aspyr was the Atari Age booth with Alex and Albert manning the long line of Atari 2600. They were one of the sponsors and had a large booth.

[Photo: AtariAge's 2600 consoles]

[Photo: Del at AtariAge]

Several vendors had tables full of game cartridges from Atari 2600 to Xbox and everything in between. There was a good showing of 5200 and 8-bit games.

[Photo: Assortment of new and used 2600 games]

The Atari museum had a full size display covering from pong on one end to the Jaguar on the other.

[Photo: Atari History booth]

[Photo: More Atari history and prototypes, Jaguar VR]

Our good friends at Goodwill Computer Works had a large display table from the museum full of various game systems, and tons of vintage stuff to sell.

[Photo: Goodwill Computer Works' display of vintage gear]

AtariCart and Pixels Past were side by side and had several game cartridges for sale. Joe Grand was there showing and selling his SCSIcide cartridge game on the 2600.

[Photo: AtariCart and Pixels Past]

B & C ComputerVisions had a small table and was selling software.

[Photo: B & C ComputerVisions]

Around the floor you could find things like in this photo. An Atari 800 next to a Commodore floppy drive, a Radio Shack color computer, and a TI 99 all playing like it was the 1980s not 2003.

[Photo: Gamer playing Pac-Man on an Atari 800]

There were several Texas Atari users wandering in the crowd. Several of us had chatted numerous times on the internet but now we got to meet face to face. Greg and Tim worked the JagFest booth most of the day while Rick had his own table. Here's Del, Rick (hat on), Greg and Tim, all members of the Thursday night Atari chat line.

[Photo: Texas Atari users]

[Photo: Greg and Tim running JagFest]

[Photo: Atari Jaguar players]

Some of the larger crowds were gathered around the free coin op machines and pinball games.

[Photo: Pinball machines]

[Photo: Free coin ops]

Here's my three year old showing me she's big enough to play the game.

[Photo: Del's little girl]

The show was open from 10:00 to 20:00 on Saturday and had a great turn out. The guys were already looking ahead to next year, a two day event and a larger hall.

I'd like to thank all the nice people who also commented that they read MyAtari magazine each month and enjoy it. Below are just a few links from people who attended the expo that you should check out.

Until next month...

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