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The UK is currently experiencing one of its fiercest heatwaves in recorded history, with the worst yet to come, making it uncomfortable to be working with computers even at night, as there's hardly any breeze to move the stale air. That means systems at MyAtari HQ are spending a lot of time off-line (internal temperatures 16 degrees C. higher than normal), because even if they can work in these conditions, I can't, and I don't want to risk anything blowing up! Hence the delayed launch of this issue.

CT60s are finally shipping, after a monumental wait including a short debugging period assisted by the registered developers. This new piece of hardware is surely one of the most significant developments to hit the scene in its time, even if the current user base stands at a "mere" 150. No mainstream business would spend so long developing a product for such a small group purely on economic grounds, but here we have the result of some quite ambitious design objectives, which sweeps all before it and defies its low cost. Meanwhile, Nature's Super VIDEL graphics card appears to be making rapid progress, and Rodolphe Czuba has quashed rumours that his PCI/AGP adapter has been canned. Like CT60, a certain level of interest must be committed first. Things have never looked better for Falcon hardware fanatics.

This month we have a new team member. Edward Baiz, from the USA, is a long-time Atari user, he has written for various Atari magazines including some detailed articles in MyAtari. I look forward to more great articles from Edward and I know you will, too.

Other interesting stuff includes a report of the Austin Gaming Expo from Del. Looks like it was far more commercial than JagFest UK, with even more visitors and things to buy. I enjoy events both large and small, I wish I could have been at AGE with the whole MyAtari crew, and of course, our readers. Maybe if one day we're feeling crazy enough we might try to get involved with organizing something similar even if not quite on such a grand scale.

Jos van de Gruiter from the Netherlands is currently taking his holidays, using the opportunity to visit and exclusively interview some well-known developers from the Dutch scene, read the first of these articles this issue.

Finally a quick word about our mirror site: Lately, the main MyAtari web site at has regularly exceeded its upstream bandwidth quota. What this means is it has reached the monthly limit for the amount of data allowed to be served from the server, and an error page is displayed instead of the site. Whenever the main site cannot be accessed, remember we have a mirror site at (thanks again, Elliot Swanton, who, incidentally, has just taken delivery of a sparkling new CT60!) so please use that, then you won't miss out. We keep a close eye on both servers and if the main one ever becomes inaccessible we make sure the mirror is as up to date as possible. Generally speaking, they're both updated within an hour of each other anyway.

Shiuming Lai

Shiuming Lai, Features and Technical Editor


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