Please help!
It gives me great pleasure to write you this mail. Sincerely, I must say that I need your help desperately, I have waited a long while to get answers to these questions I want you to answer. I came across in a magazine (sound on sound). I visited the website and came across your name and e-mail address... I hope you will be able to help.

I am in search of a brand new Atari 1040 ST computer for sale... but I can't get them any where. I need it for my music production (MIDI music)... Do you have an I idea where I can get the Atari 1040 ST computer to buy?

I also need a software to run on it, either the Creator/Notator or Cubase.

I will be very grateful if you can please reply my mail... telling me if you can help. Thank you ever so much.

Balogun "kaykay" Kolade.

    Shiuming Lai replies
    Atari stopped computer production ten years ago and is no longer in the business as a hardware manufacturer. Your only chance now is to buy used equipment. Music technology stores often have used Atari STs for sale, but you need to know what you're looking for, as the common 520ST and 1040ST models can be found in poor condition (sometimes not even working at all), hence their low price, around 20-30. At these prices, they will be sold as seen, so it's a gamble, unless the shop is willing to show you a machine works. If you see a Mega ST or Mega STE, these are more professional machines that will cost more, and sometimes come with software, maybe even internal hard disk if it's a Mega STE. From my experience, the Mega series machines tend to have been better looked after, being premium models. You could also try buying privately from home Atari enthusiasts, who tend to treat the equipment carefully and therefore you're more likely to get a good working system than by picking up ex-studio gear (unless, like I said before, you know what you're looking for). MyAtari's classified section is at - good luck with your music making.


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