The new TAMW
Tim Conrardy, 06 August 2003

Due to Yahoo Groups re-organization, I have completley revamped my site, Tim's Atari MIDI World:

There is now easy-to-use navigation on each page and a more professional look. Each page was checked for all the links. I had to download all the files on the Yahoo groups file sections, upload and create links to them from the appropriate pages. Been working all weekend on this and is now pretty much completed. I also created a new page called "articles" which has links to all my articles on MyAtari.There is also a forums page as well as TAMW news section.

My "download" page I still have to work on, as there are links to some files from the Yahoo pages. I might take it off for now.

If you find any links that do not work, please let me know. I hope you like
the new look.

I would like to thank Rob Mahler of for kindly donating the space for this site as well as all the extra files that had to be uploaded due to the Yahoo Group change. This also includes a large upload for the RealTime manual (in PDF format) which was 8 MB by itself!

By the way, if you have gone to my site before, you might need to refresh the page so it will load the new stuff.


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