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Merry Christmas from all of us here at MyAtari and welcome to the last MyAtari issue of 2000 (now honestly, how many of you thought that sentence wasn't going to end, "of 2000."!?).

As you can see, this issue is jam packed with articles and reviews as well as an exclusive no less! That's right, MyAtari are very proud to bring you an exclusive preview of ACE, a new DSP soft-synth from New Beat. The first of many we hope ;-) - hint, hint Atari authors!

This issue also sees the greatly anticipated results of our Web.Wizard competition - are you one of our lucky winners? Talking of competitions, MyAtari are proud to be one of the sponsors of The Little Big Competition. I won't say anymore about the competition as we cover it in full later in the issue, but good luck to everyone who takes part!

If you tried to visit the magazine between the 28th November - 7th December, you will have noticed that we have been experiencing a few technical problems. This is because the company that hosts MyAtari has been experiencing problems with its servers. We were unfortunately unable to gain access to notify you of these problems or replace the two week old backup that had been posted by our hosts. Anyway, sorry for any inconvenience and confusion caused.

Now while I have your attention, I have three very important requests to make; 1) Please download the latest archives of the October and November 2000 issues to replace any copies you currently have (as they are incomplete). 2) If you know any tips or cheats, please send them to us for inclusion in our January 2001 issue. 3) When you are celebrating the arrival of the New Year, please raise your glasses for your fellow readers (and the contributors) of MyAtari magazine. Thanks!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Matthew Bacon, webmaster

MyAtari magazine - Feature #1, December 2000

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