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Dear Santa...

We might not be able to sit you on our knee, but we can at least ask you what you and your Atari would like Santa to bring you this Christmas! See disclaimer.

Post your message to Santa...

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Matthew Bacon

Dear Santa,

I would like a copy of ACE, to win the lottery and a week off work to concentrate on MyAtari would be great as well ;-)

Mark Bedingfield

Dear Santa,

I would like peace on earth and good will to all men, and a Hades, Jaguar (car, console and guitar), and TT's for all....

Bruno Bach

Dear Santa,

I would like to feel the same sensation once again,
as I felt when I booted my first computer (of course
it was an ST), if it's possible?


Dear Santa,

I have been very good whole year, so I ask nothing more than a Tempest PPC card to be finished ASAP ;-)

Also the program to allow MSA-files to be read directly with Backwards ST-emulator would be nice.

 Mike Rose

Dear Santa,

I want you to bring a giant MIDI hammer so I can smash my Windows PC up and the MIDI protocol in Windows. And bring a new operating system that works. Oh and make that a ROM based OS, so I can work productively which will save me smoking 20 zillion fags during a reboot. Oh and a virtual reality headset with a tropical aquarium environment. Maybe that might be more difficult.

But an emulator that will run Atari Cubase on the PC is what I really want Santa. If this is ever possible, you would make my dream come true. Please try Santa, my Falcon is on it's last legs and I simply can't use VST 'cos its c**p and unstable. I am counting on you Santa to make this little boys dream come true.

Oh and a sledgehammer to smash up my workplace - nearly forgot that!

Mike Rose

Thanks Santa

Fredrik Olsson

Dear Santa,

All I ask of you is a new Falcon060 machine. Not an accelerator but a true Atari Falcon060 with 64mhz bus, PCI and AGP slots, MIDI and DSP (Maybe 56301 instead) still intact. If that cant be done please give me the CT60 card ASAP. Oh, and let Sierra Online make adventure games with text input again.

Alan Jackson

Dear Santa,

Please ensure that Matthew and all others who have helped launch the magazine have the greatest Christmas ever.  For the New Year, I wish I can get my Falcon on-line because my daughters hog the PC (and some would say are welcome to it!).

Thomas / New Beat

Dear Santa,

I know it's a little late, but I want a file format description of AIF so I can support it in ACE.

Tito Teclado

Dear Santa,

I want a lowprize ethernet  for my st/tt/f030/mkx...

PD. payable in 2002 ;-)

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