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Atari UK 2

Shiuming Lai concludes last issue's visit


In a world of understandably dull-looking storage facilities, the former Atari UK warehouse stands out by reflecting some design elements of the stylish main office building. If this were an architectural review, I'd give the office five stars and the warehouse four. Rumour has it this warehouse is big enough to hold car races, so once again we bring you exclusive roving reporter pictures. UK Atari users, this is where your machines sat while waiting to be transported to your dealers.

  [Map of Slough]


[Photo: Warehouse, office and bus depot]

From a traffic direction perspective, the road preceding Railway Terrace, whose name we neglected to record. That's Slough Driving Test Centre on the left.

[Photo: Courts warehouse reception entrance and Goods In]

The shutter barriers are new additions. Ram-raiding (thieves forcefully driving a lorry or similar through closed doors) has risen in popularity over the past decade.

[Photo: Side view of entrance]

Good ergonomics with the wheelchair ramp and handrail.

[Photo: Courts warehouse plaque]

London-based Courts PLC is one of the UK's leading retailers of home furnishings and appliances, listing stores all over the world.

[Photo: View looking towards main office]

Cars? You could probably race buses in there, or knock down the column between the shutters and make a small aircraft hangar.

[Photo: Where Atari workshops used to be]

Prior to the installation of fences, this area (the workshops) was subject to vandalism.


Thanks to El Fernandes at Atari Workshop for helping us identify the different parts of the building.

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