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New Atari browser
Who says that new Atari software is not being developed?! Highwire is an exciting new Atari web browser currently in development. The Highwire Developers Group, lead by Robert Goldsmith, has just released a new beta version of the HTML rendering engine.

The latest beta version includes greater HTML table support and an improved rendering engine that is both extremely quick and stable. Several bugs relating to the interface have also been sorted out.

To learn more about the HighWire internet browser, visit

[Screen-shot: Highwire]


PDF or bust!
Following hot on the heels Porthos 1.28, the new Atari PDF viewer (reviewed this month), comes MyPDF. Unlike ASCII, HTML or RTF documents, PDF's have the ability to accurately display complex page layouts that look the same no matter which platform they are viewed on. For these reasons, the PDF format is now considered the de-facto standard of distributing electronic documentation via the internet.

Screenshots available at the developers web site look encouraging, but unfortunately there is currently no demo or beta version available to download. However, expect a review in MyAtari as soon as one comes along!

For further information, visit the MyPDF web site at

[Screen-shot: MyPDF]


ACE demo tune released
Back in issue three of MyAtari magazine, we previewed an early beta version of ACE, the DSP synthesizer for the Falcon. Even then we were amazed at how New Beat Developments managed to hardness the raw power of the Falcon. ACE has come along way since then and looks set to amaze and impress the Atari community when it is released very soon.

For a sneak preview of the stunning sound quality of ACE, Tim Conrardy (one of the beta testers), has recently released an MP3 demo called Space Ace. The demo was composed using the algorithmic tools, Pulsar and Music Mouse running ACE as the sound-synth. The demo can be downloaded from the New Beat web site,

[Screen-shot: ACE]


Atari consoles going cheap!
If you've always wanted to own an Atari Jaguar or Lynx, now is your chance! MyAtari has received news that these fabulous consoles are currently being sold at ridiculously low prices in the retail stores GAME and Electronics Boutique. For the latest prices, visit either or

[Image: GAME logo]


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