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My trip down the Champs-Elysées


'C'ing through the window 'pains'


Atari UK 2


Star Alliance - Battle for Earth


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Calamus from scratch


Porthos 1.28


Put a Little Bee Under the Bonnet of your TT



Tip of the day

Jookie goes mad...


[Photo: Jookie]

[Photo: Jookie working hard]

You can see me just mad after I finished the music for our X-MAS intro. I needed some music in the intro, but the ProTracker module replay wouldn't work and no-one had the time to compose something for me... So I made something (not very good, but ok) in SidSound designer and used it in the intro. Just imagine a coder composing music - it's like letting an electrician do plastic surgery ;-)

But the intro is finally done and will be released in a day or two on our web site,


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