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"MyAtari" is defined as an electronically distributed magazine based on an original concept by Matthew Bacon of 49 Douglas Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7RZ, United Kingdom. The MyAtari brand and associated logos are the property of Matthew Bacon and may not be used without permission.

"Our" and "we" refers to the publisher/webmaster, Matthew Bacon and (where context-sensitive, relevant member of) the editorial team of MyAtari. MyAtari takes every possible step to ensure the accuracy of published content, acknowledgement of trademark and copyright holders, and strives for constant improvement. However, the views of the contributors are not necessarily those of the publisher and all content is published without warranty. You use it entirely at your own risk. Please direct all correspondences of trademark/copyright omissions to the webmaster.

All letters and e-mails received are assumed for publication unless stated otherwise. We may censor but will not edit them, so make your points clearly! Personal correspondence will not be entered into.

Reproduction of any part of this publication for commercial use or inclusion in other publications is strictly forbidden without written permission from the publisher. Re-distribution without altering its contents (feel welcome to archive MyAtari on your FTP server) and printing for personal reference (including job applications) and use at clubs and enthusiasts' meetings is allowed and encouraged. Translation into other languages must not be undertaken without our prior agreement.

MyAtari retains joint copyright with authors on all submitted articles. If you wish to use your work again somewhere else, please contact us to work out an arrangement. We will normally allow re-use of work elsewhere so long as MyAtari is credited as the original publisher. Software distributed by MyAtari is virus-checked as part of the production process but you assume sole responsibility in evaluating its integrity, suitability and any consequence of use.

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