Atari Day in the Netherlands

by TXG


Yes, finally there was a meeting again in the Netherlands on 23 February 2003. After many years of silence some people on the Dutch mailing list atari-nederland at yahoo-groups decided to try to arrange a meeting. At first it would be a small meeting for a few ST users, but after that I helped a little bit and with a little promotion we had about 40 people. Althought we didnít have a lot of time we have managed all this in a few weeks.

At the meeting there was some interesting hardware to see, like a few ST Books, I also brought my ST Book...

[Photo: Atari 1450XLD and ST Book]

This picture shows an Atari 1450XLD and ST Book, nice to see these two rare items... I was happy that Bo and Ernest Schreurs brought these things to show us.

[Photo: ATW800]

But we had more rare things people normally don't see like this Atari ATW800...

[Photo: ATW800]

Inside the ATW800.

[Photo: View of the room]

Here is a complete view of the room...

[Photo: Atari T-shirts]

And of course most people knew how to show they are real Atari freaks...

At this meeting there were more people than we expected, but this was very positive of course, it just meant we couldn't fit everything in one room so the Atari Jaguar people moved to the hall and put some tables there. I brought some flags and banners with me to give it a better look... And I brought my entire Jaguar gaming collection.

We played Battlesphere Gold, Aircars and Doom with two linked Jaguars, next time we will try to set up a bigger network with Battlesphere Gold, most of the owners of this game just ordered a ScatBox just like me...

[Photo: TXG playing Jaguar]

We also had a projector showing a movie about the history of Atari that was a special from the G4 TV channel. I sold CDs with this movie for Ä1.

[Photo: Atari movie]

Some people gave demonstrations, but there was so much to do that I missed it... but I have a picture of it.

[Photo: Karaoke?!]

We also had our little Atari trash corner, everything that was put there was for free and at 12:00 people could jump on it and grab the things they needed. There were printers, monitors, STs, software and other hardware.

[Photo: Atari trash corner]

[Photo: Atari trash corner]

It was nice to see everybody could find something they needed. Fox-1/MNX found a monitor switch for his ST. I just got some software that was lying around.

The meeting place was very special, it's a classroom in a school where normally 30 STs are used for music lessons. And of course this big Atari flag that the organiser didn't sell to me...

[Photo: Atari classroom]

[Photo: Atari classroom]

But there was even more... like some people sold Atari items... Mr Atari and his wife were selling lots of items, like XL/XE software, 2600 software, Jaguar software and also some consoles.

[Photo: Wolfgang Burger]

One other nice thing is that the president of ABBUC Wolfgang Burger had found some time to come. Of course it was also a little promotional tour for him, I did like it, and would like to say to him when he reads this article, "Thanks!"

[Photo: Wolfgang talking to Sijmen]

As you can see there was a lot to do for a little meeting but there were also people that just brought their Atari computers and wanted some problems solved like connecting SCSI devices to a TT030 and/or exchanging software.

[Photo: Room full of Atari equipment]

[Photo: Graphics display]

[Photo: Busy table]

Then we had some news reporters that were interested. We even had a half page newspaper article the next day with a color picture of this event.

[Photo: Wolfgang talking to newspaper reporter]

[Image: Scan from newspaper]

Report about the fair in the Dutch newspaper Dordtenaar, scanned by Jos Vlietstra.
[Click to enlarge]

I know it's hard to tell how the complete day was but believe me, we already planned a new one Sunday 8 Februari 2004... So write it down...


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