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Annual awards almost upon us
Welcome once again. Following last month's announcement about our forthcoming annual awards, I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to e-mail suggestions for award categories to me. Here are some of your suggestions so far...

  • Best Atari supporting company of the year
  • Best Game release of the year
  • Best Programmer of the year
  • Best Atari web site of the year
  • Best Atari news site of the year
  • Best Commercial release of the year
  • Best Shareware release of the year
  • Best Freeware release of the year
  • Best Atari musician of the year
  • Best Atari artist of the year
  • Best Hardware upgrade of the year
  • Best Atari magazine of the year
  • Best Atari club of the year
  • Best Atari show of the year
  • Best MyAtari issue of the year
  • Best MyAtari cover of the year
  • Outstanding contribution to the Atari community
  • Lifetime achievement award

If you can think of any other categories you'd like us to consider, please e-mail them to me at Let's make the awards this year even bigger and better than before!

This month I would like you to join me in welcoming a new member to the MyAtari team. TXG will already be familiar to many of you as he has written for the magazine on a number of previous occassions, however, this month it's official ;-)

[Photo: TXG]

TXG (Netherlands), Scene/party and technical reporting, software news, Jaguar news/hardware/game reviews

I bought my first Atari 600XL in 1984 and six months later my 1010 cassette recorder. With just 16 KB I began programming in BASIC. After a while I saved money for a 130XE and XF551 disk drive. Around that time I was getting interested in electronics and began to upgrade my XL/XE computers. Memory upgrades, new OS ROMs like Qmeg and more... then I met a Dutch user group and they took me to the first ABBUC meeting in Germany. The first Atari meeting across the border... This is were everything started to get out of control. After that we went to Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium to several meetings about five or six times a year at least and they are all about 1,700 Km or more driving in a weekend...

This year we have planned already, JAGFEST UK, Schreiersgrun 2003, Unconventional 2003, Error In Line #3, Atariada 2003, PLATARIADA and more...

Enjoy the issue ;-)

Matthew Bacon

Matthew Bacon, Editor

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All spaced out
What a chaotic couple of months it has been lately. We're getting back in the groove, thanks, as ever, to our supporters. Pity I didn't get to see more of you at Retrovision III, it was a great event and you can see my report this issue, but then I should have given more notice. Mark the organizer told me there will be a big Atari stand at the next one, Retrovision IV (Fusion), that certainly sounds interesting and I'll keep you posted.

[Photo: Tempest 2000 at Retrovision III]

Things are going to get really hot on the Jaguar scene with the release of the ScatBox, a high quality accessory that Jaguar players have been crying out for (also reviewed this issue), as we will see soon with the UK edition of the well established Jag Fest this summer. Hats off to Nick Harlow at 16/32 Systems for getting this together and sorting out a venue after a lot of preliminary work and discussion among the community.

The feedback on our forum regarding the recent disruption to the magazine has been encouraging. Several people have come forward either offering help or actually submitted articles. We've said it many times before, this is your magazine, every reader is a potential contributor and every contribution is greatly valued no matter the size. It's great to see the results of that!

Keep those suggestions rolling in!

Shiuming Lai

Shiuming Lai, Features and Technical Editor


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