Sad and disappointed
I've unsubscribed from the MyAtari mailing list, and figured I'd at least say why. Before I do, here's my background. When I was 7 I had my first taste of Atari. The 2600 ruled my life at the time. Then the 400, 800, countless 800XL's/1200XL's, and finally the ST's. My dream in life was to work for atari in sunnyvale, but that was never realized. I ran bbses on ataris for years.  I'm very very into my atari world. One thing I have ALWAYS been happy about in the atari world is the non-political nature of the atari community.  I'm an american. I'm a patriot. I may not agree with all of my country's politics, but I certainly support them, I see stuff on the news everyday. I walk through throngs of people that nearly beat me down "in the name of peace" when I go to the corner store (I live in northern california). I really didn't want to see this in the one publication I actually subscribe to, and really enjoy reading.

I've unsubscribed from this list because of the "atari for peace" bit. I like the content generally, but I did not realize this newsletter was going to go political.

A very sad, disappointed,

Matthew replies:
Thank you for your recent e-mail. I am sorry to hear that you have decided to unsubscribe from the MyAtari mailing list.

I will admit that I had a few personal reservations about publishing the article in question in the light of the current political/military situation. However, upon discussing the matter further with Shiuming, our joint decision was to publish the article as the message doesn't show any pro or anti anything political, it simply says "No war" - as simple as that.

Finally, I would like to draw to your attention that "the views of the contributors are not necessarily those of the publisher and all content is published without warranty", as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Once again, I am sorry that you have decided to end your subscription to MyAtari but completely understand and respect your reasons for doing so. I hope that this will not put you off reading future issues of the magazine.

Shiuming replies:
I'm sorry to hear that. I personally detest politics and neither am I of any religious persuasion, but at the end of the day I support the message of peace, nothing more, nothing less.


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