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I just ordered the new ScatBox interface from Scatologic. This new interface will be CatBox compatible. There are two versions of the ScatBox, the normal version which comes in a black case and a deluxe version, which comes in a transparent case. To make sure I could do a complete review I ordered both versions.

[Image: ScatBox Deluxe and ScatBox]

But first let me tell you something about the CatBox. This interface was made by ICD, and it stopped producing them for some reason. After that the prices on eBay began to get out of control, sometimes a CatBox would sell for over $250.00. The CatBox could connect several Jaguar game consoles together so people could play a network game. Atari had only its JagLink but that allowed people to connect just two Jaguars.

Secondly, the CatBox had RGB, composite, headphone output and a RS232C connector.

The only games that support networking with more than two consoles are Battlesphere/Battlesphere Gold and Aircars.

[Photo: ICD CatBox]

I have both games and until now I had only played them with the JagLink because almost nobody had a CatBox like me. Now with the ScatBox things begin to change. For just $99.00 you can have your own ScatBox and the Deluxe version will cost $119.00. A few friends of mine already ordered one. So now the Jaguar community can get its hands on a ScatBox we are hoping new network games will come out in the near future that will support the ScatBox.

OK, it's time to review the ScatBox. The cartridge comes in a box just like the Jaguar games. There is good manual with it and the quality of this product is about 100%.

When you connect it to the Jaguar, it will do a self-test first, this will take one or two seconds, a few LEDs will light up and then it's ready for use. Then you will notice that you can't use your old SCART cable but you need to make a new RGB cable. Also, when using the composite and audio connectors there is a small problem. When your cables are connected and the Jag CD is installed you see that it does not fit well sometimes, this depends on the connectors you use.

[Photo: Normal ScatBox]

[Photo: ScatBox Deluxe]

But I must say, when you have connected everything the video quality is brilliant. On the ScatBox you will not find the headphone socket and volume control like on the CatBox but I don't really miss that.

The ScatBox is compatible with the CatBox network. The CatBox allowed 8-16 consoles to be connected. The ScatBox has "ScatNet" that claims up to 128 consoles can connected over 0.5 mile network length. I didn't test it, but I hope I can see a full network, 8 Aircars and 16 Battlesphere systems connected at the JagFest UK on 14-15 June 2003.

This is a nice hardware expansion for the Jaguar game console. If you like Battlesphere (Gold) or Aircars with more than two people you need this one. For owners of the CatBox it's a different story. I also own a CatBox and must say it just has some more features like headphone socket, volume control and a real RS232C connector so when you don't need a second one the ScatBox would be no upgrade for those people. For all others I really recommend this piece of hardware. I tested the normal and the Deluxe version, and they are both the same except for the case.

Note: Pictures taken from the official ScatBox home page because I have no digital camera.







$99.00 (normal), $119.00 (Deluxe)


  • Greater network address space than CatBox
  • Available and affordable
  • Good quality and presentation


  • No headphone/volume



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