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Jonathan Bisset allows MyAtari into his studio


I've been following MyAtari since about issue six, having fairly recently resurrected my STs which had until then been in storage due to lack of space. After moving house a year ago, I now have the space in a dedicated cupboard for all my ST gear.

I'm currently getting back up to speed with everything ST related, especially the excellent selection of MIDI software at Tim's Atari MIDI World. I've been able to contribute my own algorithmic MIDI software which I wrote several years ago which can be downloaded from Tim's site as well as my own. Since starting back up I've been able to pick up some nice goodies for the ST which I couldn't afford at the time it was last used; like Unitor and Export from eBay, so I'm still working on getting the most out of my new multi-output setup (3 MIDI Ins and 10 MIDI Outs).

[Photo: Jonathan Bisset's studio]

Hitachi Amplifier - for monitoring, Denon cassette deck (mostly unused these days), 66MHz 486PC, SPARCstation 5 (used as web server test machine).

[Photo: Jonathan Bisset's studio]

STE #1 and Yamaha DX7, Soundcraft Spirit Folio mixer (linked to gear via patchbay which is out of sight above the PPS-100), Casio CZ1000 (great sounds, used as sound expansion only - no room to play keyboard as well).

[Photo: ]

Atari Jaguar (recent acquisition - very nice), Sega Megadrive, Nintendo SNES.

[Photo: ]

SM124, Soundpool 4-MIDI Outs (for STE #2), Boss Pitch Shifter, SVGA monitor converted to ST high for second ST, STE #2 (4 MB with Megafile 30 - this is on its last legs - regularly doesn't start, and floppy drive is faulty. It is used for sound editing and algorithmic composition, which is routed into STE #1 below), STE #1 (4 MB with Unitor, Export and 200 MB Gasteiner hard disk), DX7 (still a classic).

[Photo: ]

Monitors for Macs, Syquest drive for Macs, Mac IIci (Quark and Photoshop), Mac Centris 610 (MDII-connected, hoping to find Galaxy editors for synths, but no luck yet), Casio Digital Horn DH800 (wonderfully expressive controller for MIDI synths for the price - now worth more than I paid for it - yahoo!).

[Photo: ]

Philip Rees MIDI switcher, Yamaha FB01, Casio CSM10P (piano module), Mac Duo in docking station, JLCooper PPS-100 (MIDI sync box - very good, but no longer required now that I have UNITOR - any offers?), Alesis Quadraverb GT (guitar-enhanced version of the Quad), ART Multiverb LT (budget preset effects), Yamaha TX81Z (still fab), Kawai K4r (very flexible outputs and editing is good), Akai S950 Sampler (fully loaded with RAM, but unfortunately no hard-drive - need a SCSI card for it first).

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