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Atari ST in a box - Part 1


September is already here, and this year is flying by. Last month I tinkered with two Atari 8-bit systems that had been modified before I got them. This month, one of my younger brothers dug out one of his first Atari computers from the late 80s and donated the box to me as-is.

[Photo: 520ST in a box]

Inside the box was a wonderful old Atari 520ST in pieces. He mentioned he had originally bought it used and then removed the RAM for another Atari system he was using at the time.

[Photo: ST with its lid off]

[Photo: ST with case and keyboard removed]

Upon further inspection, I found that it also had a mystery wire coming from the back of the case - prompting me to take a closer look.

[Photo: 520ST with missing RAM]

After taking closer look, I found the strange black wire to come from the RF modulator (see below).

[Photo: Strange black wire coming from the RF tuner]

The wire was soldered into the RF case, so I removed the cover to get a better look. As wires were going everywhere, I also removed the second cover.

[Photo: Home ST video upgrade]

It appears that this is some kind of rework to allow the ST to connect to a TV or monitor with RCA jacks.

[Photo: Home ST video upgrade close-up]

[Photo: Home ST video upgrade close-up]

[Photo: Home ST video upgrade close-up]

I went ahead and checked the bottom of the mainboard and I found two areas with minor rework.

[Photo: Back of MLB]

Now the easy part is over, I need to replace the missing RAM and see if I can power up the computer and go from there. Next month, I will tell you the results of my newest quest to restore yet another Atari from the grave.

Any tips to what this upgrade was please send an e-mail to the address below.

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