North American Items for sale

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North American Items for sale

Post by Bikerbob » Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:05 pm

600xl - 512k upgrade. can come with 1050, 1050/w mspeedy, sio2usb - several options if your interested.

520STFM(4mb-marpet)(working Floppy)(pico psu) w/mouse Tos 1.04.

1040STFM(1mb)(working floppy) w/mouse Tos 1.04

1040STE(4mb)(recap psu)(Tos Sw 1.62/2.06)(Top case damaged)(Floppy or Gotek) w/mouse

megaST(2mb)(Tos switch 1.04/2.06), (Floppy or Gotek) w/mouse - case complete but floppy opening cut. w/ or without megaST keyboard (mechanical cherry mx)

MegaST4(16mhz Turbo on cpu) Tos 1.04 (Floppy or Gotek) w/mouse - case complete but floppy opening cut w/ or without megaST keyboard (mechanical Cherry mx)

MegaSTE(4mb) (Started as MegaSTE 2) Otherwise Factory stock - very clean. Working Floppy. w/mouse Tos 2.06 Keyboard can be clean MSTE(expensive) Euro keyboard with cap adjustments(not as) Or missing F1-3 keys (least) or no keyboard is fine too.

Monitors - for ST hi-res and colour are available. I have some tv/monitors that would work for 8-bit. These would be local pickup only.

These are machines I have now. Pictures for any and all are available - ask. All have been tested, all working, none retrobrited, some darker than others. Basic cleaning on all. If psu re-capped its noted. OR I have recapped PSU for any ST - extra.

I am offering this up to FB users and Forum users etc first. I am giving people first crack, but I am looking for market value, as I am selling to pay for my atari addiction Options or extras might be thrown in. This is posted at this point without pricing. Contact me and we can discuss. I am in the Toronto Canada area. Shipping will be done well - I have been doing this for years, I know how to pack. I have options to ship US domestically. All shipping will be extra with carrier you choose etc..

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Re: North American Items for sale

Post by Tomswork » Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:05 am

Hi bikerbob what are you looking for the megaste machine i dont need the keyboard.


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