FOR SALE - Step Up voltage boosters 12V- 50V adjustable

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FOR SALE - Step Up voltage boosters 12V- 50V adjustable

Post by exxos » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:55 pm

I built these around 2011.. Surplus to requirements now... And just taking up space .. A measly £10 each plus postage... I have about 20 of them..

Will paste information of my old website below...

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About :
The i5070 module has a wide input range from 5VDC to 15VDC which can deliver up to 50VDC at 70watts maximum. Modules can be pre-set to a fixed output or user changable via a simply variable resistor pot.

The module boasts up to 96% efficiency using specially selected parts and generates almost no heat even near full load conditions. The i5070 is ideal where low heat and maximum efficiency is required making it ideal for battery operation.

The i5070 is a variable voltage inverter which step's up from 12V source to a variable voltage between 13 and 50volts. The i5070 can output up to 70 watts max which pushes up to 96% efficiency. Older inverters often are often very inefficient and generate a lot of wasted energy in heat. The i5070 is ideal for battery operations where maxim efficiency and battery life is a requirement.

Input supply
A maximum current limited supply of 7amps is required for full output. While 12V is recommended for the input voltage, as low as 5volts DC can be used,however at a reduced output voltage capability. If the output is fixed to under 15volts, then the BS pin can be connected to the OP_REF pin to increase efficiency. The recommended voltage input is 12V to 15VDC max.

Output range
For 50VDC output, A recommended input is 12.5VDC. If 5VDC is the input voltage then the maximum output voltage is limited to 35VDC. Regardless of output voltage or current, the total output wattage cannot exceed 70watts RMS.

The output voltage is variable by a simple pot and is limited to 50VDC output maximum.

A lot of research was undertaken to select the best components available on the market. These include a low resistance highspeed N channel mosfet in conjunction with a ultra low voltage drop diode and a thick low resistance wirewound choke which pushes efficiency up as high as possible.

The module uses the lowest ESR rating and the highest ripple current ratings pushing over 10amps ripple current capability with as little as 50mV rail noise.

The module generates very little heat and often is cool to the touch even near full load conditions. If sustained full loads are required then external cooling may be required as this generates the worst thermal loading on the module.

The chart below shows 1watt output though to 75watts output with a view on efficiency vs output wattage with a minimum 12VDC input. 15V input will result in higher efficiency than shown, in particular when running near 50V output levels.

inverter_graph_watts2_html_30e9c831.jpg (19.73 KiB) Viewed 437 times

Most inverters suffer from a poor 70% efficiency at even low output levels. While the i5070 pushes up to 96% efficiency and over 82% efficiency at maximum output while running from a 12V input. While other inverters can suffer from great heatloss and can be as low at 50% in efficiency under higher wattage output levels.

It is recommended to have 15V input voltage in particular when driving near 50V output levels. A higher voltage input means less work for the module and increases efficiency. The graph shows "worst case" efficiency figures and will be better with higher than 12V input.

Charge inductor
Future Technologies use a custom wound charge choke manufactured by HTM Audio UK. The choke uses thick solid cable to ensure the lowest possible resistance and giving maximum possible efficiency. The inductor has good mechanical construction greatly reducing the audiable switching nose.

Shutdown mode
The module has a SD (shutdown) pin to remotley disable the inverter. This makes it ideal for MCU operation when remote startup shutdown may be required. Shutdown automatically activates if the voltage output exceeds 50VDC. Typically the pin will be pulled high to 2.5V under overvoltage error. For normal operation tie SD to GND pin.

If a lower overvoltage trip is required, then a variable resistor can be connected to OP_REF and SD to manually program the "trip" voltage required. The trip voltage is about 2volts and should not be greater than 5volts. A voltage devider network can be used with a 5V zener diode to clamp the output voltage to 5volts.

The i5070 measures 73mmx73mmx20mm approx. Size excludes voltage adjust pot.
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