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Re: Going Gotek - FlashFloppy How To

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:08 am
by bfollowell
Now, as far as firmware, I'd like to hear from both camps as far as the best firmware to use, and reasons; pros/cons, etc.

I know FlashFloppy and HxC2001 both are compatible with the OLED displays, though I'm not certain I'll use one, so I'm not sure that's a concern for me either way. I know FlashFloppy is free and HxC2001 isn't, but it only costs about $12 USD, so not a major concern one way or the other.

I see FlashFloppy only works with ST files, but it seems like I read something about beta support for MSA and STX files with HxC2001. I'm not sure if the MSA/STX format is continuing on HcX2001 of if it may be coming to FlashFloppy as well.

Any information you guys can give me that may help me make an informed decision on which firmware to use.

Also, if I try one, then want to try the other, is it possible? Is it just as simple as reflashing with the other firmware?

Thanks again for all of your help.

Re: Going Gotek - FlashFloppy How To

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:04 am
by rubber_jonnie
AFAIK, switching between versions of firmware is as simple as re-flashing with whichever one you want. I had a Gotek with HxC and was able to easily flash to FF. I see no reason why going back to HxC would be either difficult or a problem.

My suggestion would be to try FlashFloppy first as it's free, and if you feel you need more, then go for HxC. It should be quite easy to put the specs for each side by side and compare if you want to do it that way before deciding.

I personally only use FlashFloppy as it's free, but having used a Gotek with HxC both work equally well. HxC is a little more mature though, but I'm sure FlashFloppy will get more features as time goes by and uptake increases.

As for Image types, as I mentioned previously, the STX support in HxC was never fully formed, so may not be fully working, and I don't think support is continuing, at least not from what I read. So much software is already available in ST image format, it may not be a concern that the other formats are supported.

STX is a preservation format too, so there may not be much of a case for it to be supported by any version of Gotek firmware.

As for MSA support, it is just a case of converting to ST from MSA. Both HxC and FF also support HFE images, which is a universal format.

The only issue I think that there now is with FlashFloppy is that the software that runs and allows selection of images is for HxC. If it detects FF firmware apparently it now flashes up a warning, but still allows you to use it.

Re: Going Gotek - FlashFloppy How To

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:52 am
by rubber_jonnie
I wanted to add a little more here, as I know from personal experience, finding the stuff you need often degenerates into a game of cat and mouse with the internet, and its possible to spend hours searching for tools and information and not getting what you want.

Adding to the pot of info then, here is a link to the HxC Floppy Drive Emulator software for Windows:

It's a very useful tool that allows you to create, amongst other things, blank images, that can be used with your floppy emulators. It does a LOT more besides, and is definitely a worthwhile addition to your arsenal.

The ZIP is attached, but as always, I'd advocate visiting the link, since you'll get the latest version there.