Do you use your retro system(s) for something productive?

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Re: Do you use your retro system(s) for something productive?

Post by Petari » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:03 am

I really like those excuses how modern computer distracts with 'lot of temptations' and like. Really ? Isn't it the purpose of powerful computer and Internet to offer as much is possible ? This is like some saying: I moved out from city because there is too much temptation, so I just don't have time to eat, sleep, because all what fancy things I can do in city.
Maybe this will be new for some: computer and OS is not something what should be packed with everything available. No, the user is one, who need to take care what really needs and wants to do, and install only that. Not only because his 'sad inability' to deal with everything, but because efficiency.
When I went to fix some PC in last 20 years, in more than half cases it needed removing of crap more than some HW repair. IM - really need it at all ?
This is not about that some SW, service distracts you, it is about do you really want to do something productive. Really not hard to switch off all it, or even better to uninstall. And focus on real thing. How is that I can do programming over whole day, from 9 AM to 9 PM - with some pauses to eat, to stretch my legs.
I could say that I can not do anything productive, useful on my Atari because there are some many great games which I never finished, or even ever seen.

Computers are about what you can do on them, not about what they offer. Especially not in Internet time. Because what you get in offer is mostly of type: "we want your money", "we want to control you" .

Main flaw of old Ataris is display. Low speed is surely enough for some text processing, even some programming, but to go back on 640x200/400 in 2018 ?

"not actually any better at those simple productive tasks" - faster can be always better. Text processing could be much faster, if people would be faster - but that will not change soon, for sure :D
Productive task can be to jump on YT and look some educational video. Or to make some video capture, editing, encoding. Capturing was possible even with Atari ST - some device for cartridge port did it. But that was really limited with colors, resolution, frame rate. And video encoding - that really needs computing power. So, poor old Atari is sentenced in cases of making video for YT to only thing what can do better: testing platform .

I think that main problem here is that some feel some kind of gilt for not using Atari for more things. Some even go so far, that claiming that when doing some SW for Atari, only right way is to do all it only on real Atari . Now, that's complete BS, something like was cult of persona in some communistic lands.
The goal is to make good SW, efficiently. Even in old times, where some faster computers cost a fortune, they were used to make things faster, easier. Psion used WAX for Sinclair SW development. Amiga people used Atari STs for some tasks during SW devel. Or today examples like PC development kit, for new games for old Nintendo.

And not to mention that all it is at the end of it's lifetime. My goal is rather to keep it alive as much longer is possible, instead of using it at all cost.
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Re: Do you use your retro system(s) for something productive?

Post by KyleB » Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:10 am

On my windows pc I am expected, and expect, to be reachable by others. Not on the atari. I have left that behind when I go to the atari.

The latest windows I actually refuse to use that at all, the installer freaked me out. There's a woman called cortana living in it, and she started yelling at me. I switched her off. I was asked if it could use my personal info to customize advertising. I said no and it said that I would still see ads, just generic ones.

I don't want ads in my computer. I also don't want it to restart itself and spend half an hour updating at random. Especially not with creepy "hi... I'm just setting things up for you... ;)" messages. Or that every time this happens, something I expect to be stagnant changes. The control panel has been slowly mutating into something called "PC settings" for 3 years now, and still hasn't finished. I used a friend's PC recently and discovered the calculator mutated with a side panel thing.

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Re: Do you use your retro system(s) for something productive?

Post by Darklord » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:34 am

Well, first and foremost I use my Mega ST4 for running the DarkForce BBS.

I love playing games and running demo's on my Mega STe. (really like the
eye-candy stuff). Mods and chip music are fun too. :)

My STacy gives me the ability to take my Atari stuff "on the road", as it
were. Modding it extensively has been a lot of fun as well.
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Re: Do you use your retro system(s) for something productive?

Post by IngoQ » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:18 pm

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