Why do other machines get new cases & not the ST

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Why do other machines get new cases & not the ST

Post by zack4mac » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:22 pm

I am so desperate for a new case for machines that are damaged, I know there are PC tin boxes but wouldn't it be brilliant. I would pay towards it! and I have been told on occasion i'm a bit of a skinflint but this would be worth it. How much is it worth to others, I would put £50 in and upto £500. Perhaps I'm the only one here but I donated towards crowd funding to help a guy who pretend he was producing all the key cap colours of the rainbow for my C64. I know there is the problem of which model to go for but if we were to produce the falcon case cant spacers be added to achieve the STF and Mega ST like keyboard and I'm easy and would not say no to a TT :-D remake case. There are ZX spectrum machines with chrome finishes! see through C64's, Amiga 1200 remake and the Amiga checkmate that managed just under £92,000 from just 480 supporters admittedly the man behind it has experience in that field.

:stars: Tell me if it is impossible, why cant we try?

I think they call that a desperate rant :roll:
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Re: Why do other machines get new cases & not the ST

Post by Icky » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:33 pm

zack4mac - This is a very long subject.

I suggest you pour yourself a tea or coffee and sit down for a long read :coffee:


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