Updated Sinclair Spectrum Clone thing

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Updated Sinclair Spectrum Clone thing

Post by DrF » Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:37 am

Saw this today, new to me. Thought it was interesting it's kind of like the updated STF project on here.
Maybe some things could be learnt from its production?
Although I don't remember the STF board using a FPGA like this thing does? (orig. 68K chips?)
There was some info about 3D printed cases too, that's another bit of info for the ST case remake project people were on about, so i still might be possible.




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Re: Updated Sinclair Spectrum Clone thing

Post by exxos » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:24 pm

I'm always looking into alternatives for the ST custom chipset.. Of course currently there is no good clone of any chips..


One of the many side projects, but if this core can be used as a alternative CPU, and is good compatibility, then it is possible this could be used instead of real CPU.. Of course things like this mean we could actually add new things into the CPU..

Also I am looking into cloning the Shifter in another thread.. Again very slow workers my time is limited.. But if I can create the accurate clone of this chip.. Or at least being able to emulate the original 100%, then I could use this my new motherboard.. And again possible to add more features at a later date if needed..

But of course I just have so much work to do, it is likely going to be several years before any of this becomes a reality.. But I'm not so sure I want to commit myself to huge volumes of work these days..

But of course, if the suska code is indeed fully compatible with all the custom Atari chips, then you really should not take much work to integrate them into a new motherboard..

Anything that really concerns me, is we would be heading towards re-creating the MiST and Suska again... But of course I am looking towards 100% compatibility, this will be extremely hard.. But the only way to find out start creating these chips and testing them with various software..
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