Blade Runner 2049 review

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Blade Runner 2049 review

Post by Petari » Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:02 pm

I just watched it, and yes, it has even Atari in :D
I posted review at IMDB, but it seems that nobody will see it, because they changed user review displaying system from acceptable to total stupid and unfair.

"5/10 - my rating
Movie, I wanted to like you, but you did not make it easy - Summary

Summary above is just a paraphrase of one of movies dialog part - in pretty much unnecessary and too long arguing (with fists, guns, words) scene chain. So, it started reasonably good, although was obvious that will be slow walk. 2h49min. All it could fit in 90 minutes, if not less. There was something new - scenes at his home with holographic Anna de Armas were best part of movie - at least something refreshing. I thought: finally a good Denis VIlleneuve movie. Well, I was too optimistic, because things started to be just boring, predictable and not much sense in dialogs, bad pace, editing - too slow one moment, then just quick scene change. What is wrong with today's filmmakers ? Although, I can ask it in middle of review - what was wrong with old way of review displaying here ? Now, if your review is not at top, so on first 1-2 pages, nobody will see it. Additionally, 'order by usefulness' - come on - who judges that ? Is some review with rating 1 for this movie really useful ? I mean, I'm not happy with it, but it has some good, mediocre parts, so deserves more than 2-3 at least. And to say here: some reviewers really don't get that it happens in another reality, not our. There is still Soviet Union alive in 2049, you may see large Atari advert, building (yep, they were strong in 1982). Back to review. After some 40 mins it became quite predictable. I said at one moment - Harrison Ford will appear in 1 minute. I was wrong - he appeared after some 4 minutes - but that was just because so slow pace, stretched scenes. Reminded me on Heaven's Gate - another high budget failure. Dialogs: very sparse word usage, often just hard to get what they mean, what talk about. Worst was probably at the end, when Ryan Gosling said to old man something like "I did, but you were dead out there' - that just did not make sense considering happenings before - concrete he was not able to let him die out there, because was not aware at all about him. There was lot of unnecessary and boring fight scene, some unnecessary 'F' words - typical for bad dialogs - if I can't write something smart, let it be f-dramatized :-) 150 m. budget, and CGI was not bad, but far from impressive. Now, I need to watch original to have some comparison. They will earn some + money even with that :-) For the end, movie was shot in Hungary. There was some old lady yelling in Hungarian on stairs - OK. But why Edward James Olmos retired in Hungarian language ? :-)))) Is there Hunger Town in LA in 2049 ? :-))) "

Actually, I did not expect too much from movies in last time. Something really good is so rare this years. There is plenty of sequels, remakes. This one is it too. And I ended watching with words - come on, finish it at once ! - it was so slow at parts.
Atari scene - at 28min 57secs was at least not overlong as most of :D
Not recommended - watch rather original from 1982. I need to watch it again - and there was Atari advert too, if I remember correctly.
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Re: Blade Runner 2049 review

Post by exxos » Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:47 pm

I think it is hard to find good films these days.. I prefer more like 80's films.. The special effects were just enough to make the story believable, and a lot more effort was made into the story a lot of the time making really good films.

I don't really watch that much TV any more. In terms of films, if watched on TV, there is normally more adverts than film, to the point that I often just walk away and do something while the adverts on, come back a little later, adverts still on, I go away again a little time, come back and that is still on, but then little while later, it seems some other film is now showing :lol: :roll:

A lot of films don't have any sort of proper conclusion at the end. Always end with a lot of unanswered questions making you know even less than you did before you started the film. This makes watching the film pointless.

And the most annoying thing for me, is almost no sound department of films lately are capable of having a constant sound level during the film. Always very quiet talking way have to turn the volume up to here, then either explosions which are 10 times louder than the talking say have to turn the volume down again, for other times we even just the talking is not even at a constant level. For people with neighbours you really have to keep the volume at a sensible level, and it is just impossible with films these days. Normally just results in turning the volume up and down every 30 seconds. Of course some films we do watch on the computer which does have some auto volume correction which makes films watchable it least.

But is the same with some TV series as well, always get axed, which makes it pointless watching new series a lot of the time. Most of what I do watch is normally old programs or DVDs where I actually know if they completed the series or not, or at least if it does not really matter the series was concluded or not, things like outer limits or twilight zone etc.

Overall, I just get very annoyed with TV series all films, so I just really do not bother with any of them any more. It's just stupid that sound departments cannot even get a consistent volume level. But of course, they will tell you, explosions are loud, and they must be loud.. This may be okay if you watch them in the movie cinema, but when released on TV or DVD, people generally have neighbours, and generally they are not nice either about a lot of noise.
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Re: Blade Runner 2049 review

Post by Petari » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:53 am

I don't have TV, and I really must think about when I watched some movie or TV serial episode last time on TV (or on computer via TV receiver USB stick, what I have, so I can actually watch TV now) . I guess that it is more than 10 years ago. All it is partially because computers became capable for quality video playback, with better sharpness, resolution than TVs of that time. About 2000 the DivX era started - what was just conversion from DVD in most cases, for people without then expensive DVD readers, players. Little later DVD readers, even writers became affordable, and now we have HD, 4K HD ...
Still, there are 2 ways, better said 3: watching it on TV, on computer - from it's hard drive or online.
Now, the latest is something what I barely do - there are no ads in most cases during movie, but quality is pretty poor in many cases. Although, there was one really nice surprise: Star Trek Continues - official site, completely free - up to 1080p, good quality, no ads.
So, I watch mostly what I DL-ed from some better sources, and where I have control - can add subtitles by need - it is not only that sound level is not good, often too low, but some actors just speak to fast, not well pronouncing . So, I need often English subtitles for English lang, material. It is often embedded in video file (now usually MP4 or MKV) . That gives me freedom when to watch it, I can interrupt it whenever I need. And I can even recode it, making less noisy, shorter file ... So, TV just have no chances here. Not to mention that I can watch latest TV serials practically in same time as they are broadcasted.
TV serials: I think that it is now bigger business than movies for theaters. Some actors earn incredible money - like Jim Parsons (TBBT) - 1 Mil. $ per episode, which is only 20 minutes. Home equipments now offer same, if not better quality than movie theaters - myself experienced it - they just don't know to set digital projectors properly - too much contrast, too loud audio - and all it is then distorted. I don't want to pay for that.

Yes, new movies are disappointing in most cases. Although, I don't watch at all those superhero ones, which make big %-age of USA production. I like good sci fi, but it is very rare pleasure. Some history, some comedy, even drama may be the right choice.
TV serials are good thing for some longer story, to make proper adaptation of some longer novel. But what money hungry USA serial manufacturers do in most cases is to stretch it as long as possible. If some serial starts good, they will start new and new episodes, new seasons, and then it can deviate in repeating boredom, soap opera and like. There will be 'filler' episodes, which add nothing to story development. And usual scenario is that they finally run out of ideas, it falling down in quality, loses viewers, and it is finished - in nice or not nice way - later would be just abort, without finale.
Although, there were some final episodes, which were worse than aborting it :lol:

All in all, I say that if we can use available technology wisely, we can make it less painful experience. Having much better choice about what to watch, when , how. I did not go in theater to watch Blade Runner 2049, some 3 months ago. Because I did not expect that it will be that good, + mentioned problems with quality of projection. Now, I was able to watch it for free. And yes, I would be much more mad if I had to pay to see that soulless 'creation', without creativity. It seems that they still don't get that making something great is not done by : "here is 150 Mil, $ - make it great - you have all money needed for that" . It's not on money (only). And studios can not offer other things needed ....
There is 2 kind of people: one thinking about moving to Mars after here becomes too bad, the others thinking about how to keep this planet habitable.

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Re: Blade Runner 2049 review

Post by Zarchos » Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:01 pm

I have just watched the movie, and well, among all these bad sci fi movies I have seen these past years (and I include Prometheus), this one is really much better than all the others.
I very much liked the ambience, the slow pace, and the fact the music wasn't as present as in the 1st one which was, to me, too much about 'hey, see, we got Vangelis for the soundtrack : wow'.
I must also admit by career I am fond of interesting and loaded with history buildings, architecture, and this movie scores very well in that area.

OK I was also in a very good mood after some very good time spent during Christmas.

I have watched it in French.
For once dubbing wasn't appalling.(most of the time it is absolutely terrible, believe me).
I'll watch it again in a few weeks, if I can find it in English.
That's an 8/10 for me. (9/10 would be Dark City, and there is no 10/10, of course).

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