The roots of bad knowledge, using not proper SW

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The roots of bad knowledge, using not proper SW

Post by Petari » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:14 pm

Some here would say: "Google is evil" :D
So, I typed 'atari corp' in Google, looking for some good and simple logo, what can use in TOS mods, and got this page as third hit: ... [a]/119066
Don't know why I did not exit immediately, instead that I clicked Download Links. Oh yes, they offer 1.02 and 2.06 only. As 1.02 is good for games. Well, that was true maybe 10 years ago, not now. When plenty of people has mass storage, and plenty of games is fixed for higher TOS versions. Not to mention that TOS 1.02 uses more RAM than 1.04 - for some 10 KB , and poor work with hard disks.

Even better is their emulator download link. "What the Hell ! New Atari emulator, for which I never heard !" - crossed my mind, so I jumped to DL it immed.
Took some 500 MB space on disk. And was visible that it is rather some shell, for diverse emulators. Yep, of course, what else you expected dumbhead Petari, etc. - it uses Hatari :lol: . But I was not able to start it. It DL-ed Hatari core in seconds, but settings are total confusing and messy. Did not see at all where to set what TOS ROM image to use - so it just shown black screen.
It is sad to see, how most of sites is with low knowledge about subject (TOS versions) + obsolete, and how they are motivated with some other things than offering best available SW for users. Why that RetroArch for Atari emulation ? Because some friend is behind it, because some other interest ?
I could add some comment, complain there. But wasted already too much time there ... I need new mouse button - with only one function: close tab in browser :D
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