Hi from Northamptonshire

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Re: Hi from Northamptonshire

Post by Forgottenmyname » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:24 pm

Fair enough :D

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Re: Hi from Northamptonshire

Post by PeteW » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:13 pm

It's quite interesting to run certain Amiga and ST games side by side and see how the programmers made changes to the game to accommodate the lack of custom hardware in the ST compared to the Amiga.

When done well on games like Turrican 2 and Blood Money, both versions are very good in their own right. By reducing the scrolling area slightly, reducing the sprite numbers and various other cool tricks, the ST keeps up with the Amiga in all but sound. Personally I prefer the chip tunes anyway as they remind me more of playing games as a kid :)

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Re: Hi from Northamptonshire

Post by exxos » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:31 pm

I never had any issues with chip tunes, is just part of retro computing to me. Never minded back in the day either. There are of course those sound samples and music snippets are totally awesome as well as the time.

Of course people like Petari to do wonders with game adaptations as well...

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Re: Hi from Northamptonshire

Post by PeteW » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:38 pm

Agree re: chip tunes. That Petari version of Xenon 2 looks awesome - I'm not familiar with their work. Assume it's ste?

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Re: Hi from Northamptonshire

Post by Petari » Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:42 am

Hello. I usually like more Atari's noisy and loud musics than Amiga's somehow bland ones :D
It may be that some technical reasons forced programmers to make it so - sample playback via sound generator chip, which is not designed for it needs more volume, because lower 'resolution' - what is about 4-5 bits instead 8 bits .
Xenon 2 background music is for STE, of course. Only with it's DMA audio is possible to play it without slowdown. There is actually very little of it - because it needs to load music data from hard disk, rather from Flash card (what responds faster) all time. Instead keeping it in RAM - what would limit length of music to some 1 min only (4MB RAM case) .

Considering comparison of Amiga and Atari ST game versions - yes, reducing some things can make it faster, but that's simpler and less efficient way. With well written code and special design of sprites, background you can achieve very good scroll with CPU only. Examples: Heartland 2000 , Potsworth & Co. , Skidz ... It needed couple years until such games appeared .
Basically, real limit is speed of RAM - and that's better in ST . If you can achieve that CPU spend most of time with filling screen instead of diverse calculations then it will be fast. Concrete case is scroll: it works usually via shift operations, which are slow with 68000 . Use preshifted sprites, tiles, and it will be about 8x faster just like that . Or use blitter for shift - that's still ST, must be not STE .
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