Hi from North Wales

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Hi from North Wales

Post by zack4mac » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:15 pm

Hello everyone :thumbup: I'm Mike located in Conwy, originally from Newcastle Stafford

Through my childhood I started off with the amazing Commodore 16 with its great version of basic, given by a kind neighbour for Christmas, then moving to a magical C64 that was my first experience of having arcade quality sound and graphics (although the imaginative magazine artwork always inspired my game play) and then the supper quick loading Atari ST and finishing up with the wonderful "Gui" based PC that was great for needing updates to play games.

Over the years and they have gone quickly, I have collected a few machines some working? some just need upgrading,
in truth I have too many things sitting on shelves and ill probably need to reduce my collection (so I've been told!and I'm loosing time and knowledge) Amstrad, BBC Dragon and even an Amiga A500 to compare the difference from the ST in the quality of the games! but have never got around to trying it (the Amiga being the machine I wanted before I was given my lovely STFM) with this in mind I have started looking at my Atari STFM and STE? again.

My plan for the 520STFM was to fit a Gotek and use for playing some games, I have since opened the STFM and found two 256k sims added with loose wires, I will probably just remove and invest in a more substantial memory upgrade. Whereas I would like to try and use the Terrible Fire (not yet built) developed by "Stephen Leary" for the Amiga/ST. But my first port of call will be recapping both Atari ST psu's.

Best regards
Atari 2600, XEGS, STF/FM/E MSTE/TT CBM 16/64 VC20 PET A500, 600, 1200, BBC B, ZX81, ZX +3 Harlequin ZXuno plus too much junk to fit in one skip! :roll: my username should be Mr Hoarder.

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Re: Hi from North Wales

Post by exxos » Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:19 pm

:bravo: :welcomewave:
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