Good Greetings!

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Good Greetings!

Post by Dr.Big.Man » Fri Nov 16, 2018 8:35 am

Hello everybody. My name is Matthias aka Dr. Big Man and I used to work really long with an upgraded Atari ST 1040: 2.5 MB RAM, 16 MHz CPU (with adaptor PCB), HD-Floppy, RS-232 accelerator (110 kb/s), switchable ROM - IIRC at least Blitter & Rainbow, but could have been three different versions? 🤔

Unfortunately I do no longer own this nice machine - please don't ask why, too embarrassing... 😖

Nevertheless, I would like to help some friend with setting up a highly interesting Atari installation. As several machines will be involved, we are looking into best way to supply power to up to 5 or 10 ST. So I will look into appropriate forums and check out all the information at hand here. All hints and information highly appreciated.

Already many thanks in advance for maintaining this forum - I am really excited to dive back into the old days.

Very best regards, Matthias

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Re: Good Greetings!

Post by Petari » Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:01 am

Hello :D
To feed some 5-10 STs with power some stronger PC PSU will be fine and surely cheap way. Assuming that you meant low voltage power supply.
If machines are close each to other can use normal wires for 1-2 A current, otherwise will need thicker.
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