Hello from the Netherlands

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Hello from the Netherlands

Post by EdeVee » Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:25 pm

In 1987 i bought an Atari 1040STf and was very pleased with machine. I used it for my study and to play games. In 1990 i sold my 1040STf and got myself a mega st2. Upgraded the memory to 4 mb and placed a System Solutions T28 in the machine. That's the best upgrade i've bought for this machine. Also made a switchable TOS with TOS 1.4 and something else i can't identify anymore (probably KAOS). In 1995 i bought my first PC and mothballed my whole Atari setup.

After almost 25 years i blew of the dust, connected all the atari parts and flicked the ON switches. Wow, it still worked, but what a noise those megafile harddisks make.... Unforunately my SM124 wouldn't turn on any more the second time. I got myself a VGA adapter and have been playing with my machine since... I have read a lot about new hardware additions on this forum and i am eager to upgrade my mega st with some new functionality.

It amazed me there is still interest in these old machines... Hope to learn a lot from you all here... :-)

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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

Post by JezC » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:30 pm


Interesting experience with the SM124 - I've had two do basically the same thing now (power up fine one day but then fail a day or two later).
Strangely, my SM125s (even the one I got with my 1040 STF back in 1987) are all fine & the System Solutions mono screen has also (so far) been far more reliable.

I've recently picked up a Mega ST4 (with Megafile 60) & am working out what to add to it when I can afford it...

Hope you get as much enjoyment from your system now as you did back in the day.

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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

Post by Maximilian » Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:08 pm


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