Hi all from Quebec city

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Hi all from Quebec city

Post by BertyBoy » Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:31 am


I'm Eric from Quebec, Canada. I'm since 2006 a vintage computers and videogames collector. I have several computers in my collection :

Mostly all Apple II familly computers exept the IIc+ and the Bell&Howell II+

Lisa 2/10, SE/30, Quadra 950, IIfx and Mac Portable. Only the IIfx is to restaure. Most are recapped and 100% fonctionnal. I have other Macs too but it will be too long to list here and it's not a Mac computer forum ;)

I collect Amiga computers since two, my first was a A1000 512K chipram 2MB fast with a 1081 monitor. The computes is completly recapped and I even installed a floppy id swapper switch to boot on a External Gotek with Flashfloppy. I have two A500, one rev 5.1 and one rev6, both 1MB chipram. I recently upgraded my rev with a tf534 36mhz 68030/68882 4MB fastram and a 8GB cf. I boot it with ks3.1 and WB3.1. Love to play my WDHDLoads game on this machine, pretty fast! Hope someone will do a whload for 68K Atari games! My rev 5.1 is for old games on which I boot on the gotek under ks2.05.

Lastly I got a Atari Mega ST4 with a Megafile 60 and the high resolution B&W monitor and a standard color rgb one. I have too the sf314 floppy drive. All work great. I wonder how a tf534 could work on this computer. One thing is sure, I will recappe all the stuff very soon to preserve it. Also, I want to put a gotek in the external floppy box and install a id switcher to be able to boot on the external one.

I hope you will enjoy to talk with me, I will have pleasure to talk with you for sure :D :D :D :D

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Re: Hi all from Quebec city

Post by Icky » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:50 am

:welcomewave: Eric

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Re: Hi all from Quebec city

Post by zack4mac » Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:35 pm

Hello my friend it may not be the Apple forum but both the Mac and Amiga are important cousins. I'm quite new myself and I don't get much time for my old machines but the people here are Top Banana when it comes to the Jackintosh.

All the best ;)
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