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Hello from northern germany!

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 11:36 pm
by T'PAU
Hi there,

some words about me and my Atari-career.
It began around 1981 with an 2600 ("light sixer") which I modified a year ago but (allthough very careful) unfortunatly broke it then. :(
(no picture, sound as if fire-button is pressed all the time, even with no joystick connected!)
Some pictures:
Around 1983 an 600XL plus 1010, then 1050 (with Happy-Mod later) and from 600XL to 800XL. Sold all these for an Amiga 500 later, which I also sold two years later. :)
1987 my first 520STM which I revived last x-mas holidays after 25 years of storage. After some minor issues (firmly press socketed chips down, cleaning second floppy-drive) everything works perfect!
Some impressions of my heavily modified 520-system:

Spring 1993 saw me as the proud (well, sort of ^^) owner of the fabulous Falcon 030! 8-)
Atm. I'm going to fix (NVRAM, better clockpatch, PSU-caps) and upgrade (TOS 4.04, 14MB RAM, later CF or SD based hard-drive) the Falcon.
And this is how I came here to exxos shop (simply a dream for ST/Falcon owners!) and forum!

Ah, yes, an 1040STF from eb*y this winter as a base for a Gotek floppy-emulator with LCD.

I'll be back! :D


Re: Hello from northern germany!

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 12:07 am
by exxos

A lot of mods for sure! What do they all do ? Assume 1 is ram expansion..

Re: Hello from northern germany!

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 12:29 am
by T'PAU

yes, RAM-extension to 1MB (which I did not built in myself), then TOS-eproms with switchable (left switch) TOS 1.0 and KAOS-TOS and six new sockets for them.
Also a sound line-out with two cinch-connectors (STE-style ;) ) and stereo/mono switch.
Not quite sure about the cinch-connector on the rear-right though, after all this time. According to wiring it somehow has +5V and GND.

Oh, ehm, did I mention my Jaguar + CD + Pro-Controller? :lol: