Hi From OZ

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Hi From OZ

Post by renster72 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:30 am

Hi guys, Long time ago Amiga user getting back into it.

Had a C64 and fell in love with the Amiga, worked in an Amiga / Commodore shop (first Job at 15) and then ended up Working for Electronic Arts (1991- 1995)

Went to all the World of Commodore / World of Amiga shows in Sydney

Now work for TCS and did Work for IBM :)

Joined an Amiga retro group in Brisbane which spurred me on to get some things out of storage :-)

Retro Computers
Have A500+ A590 A570
2x CD32's one with TF330,
Archimedes A4000
2x C64's 1 jiffy DOS the other STD 2x 1541-II's

Retro Consoles
Sega Megadrive (given to me when I worked at EA) (everyone got one)
Atari XEGS

Mini's C64, NES, SNES, PSX

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Re: Hi From OZ

Post by rubber_jonnie » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:21 am

Collector of old Atari things:
800XL + Ultimate 1MB, 2x 1010 cassette, 1050 + Happy mod, 65XE (128k +APE Warp) & XC12, SIO2SD, 2600jr, 7800 and Lynx II
Atari 520ST (1Meg), 1040STF long button floppy, 2x 1040 STFMs + Gotek, 2x 4160STE with 32Mhz booster, ROM switcher, Mega ST1, Mega ST4, not to mention various bare ST boards for testing including a PAK 68/2 :)
Plus the rest..
Amiga stuff, Mac stuff, Sinclair stuff etc...

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