Better late than sorry

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Better late than sorry

Post by fenarinarsa » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:51 pm

Well, actually, sorry anyway because I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm a note-quite-old atarian sice I started in 1989 with an Atari STF that I sold to buy the then new Atari STE. Before that I started to code on Apple II in Basic in ~1983 (I was 7 then). I did a lot of never released stuff in the early 90s and than I switched to Mac in the middle of the 90s and to PC a few years later. I always kept my good old STE and I even bought a Mega STE a few years ago. Now I just code on ST for fun, not for competition or anything else :)

In any case I was never into competition on Atari, even back in the early 90s I was in a demogroup with Amiga & CPC coders and we exchanged source code and tricks and tips. Never felt a real competition between us or between platforms :)

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Re: Better late than sorry

Post by Petari » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:19 am

It seems that you have some bad experiences with 'competition' - since mentioned it 3 times in introducing :D
Yep, I can say that there were and probably still are some very bad things in 'competition' among people dealing with retro things - SW and HW too.
I was never interested to go on some contest. They have some rules, and you must obey. That's OK. Can we discuss about those rules ? No way. Like simple case: what we consider as demo ?
There is no such thing as Atari 'scene', Atari community, only in dreams. We are divided as World is divided - by interest of groups, countries, and more and more large multinational companies. Even when the goal is same: for instance preservation of Atari SW, there are conflicts of interest involved often.
So, I can only say: do your hobby or whatever you like to call it. Don't listen much on what people say - most of them is just jealous, wants to play smart one in forums, while they are just lazy and incompetent to do something self, too lazy to even read posts in threads.
There is 2 kind of people: one thinking about moving to Mars after here becomes too bad, the others thinking about how to keep this planet habitable.

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