RAM chip source

Upgrade your RAM from ST to Falcon.
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RAM chip source

Post by rubber_jonnie » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:44 am

Hi all.

This is just a quick post regarding a source of 41256AP-12 ram chips.

I recently bought 50 of these: https://www.utsource.net/sch/KM41256AP-12

Last night I upgraded one of my STFM mainboards, a C070789-001 REV .F to 1MB on board RAM using these, and it all went great, so I thought I'd let everybody know that it seems to be a good source.

I ran it for some time with Yaart (Attached to this post) to test, and had no issues. I'll be upgrading a C070789-001 REV .D soon, so will post how that goes.

If you're doing this, then you'll need 3x 33r resistors to enable the RAM banks and 8x 10nF capacitors. I used sockets, but they are optional.

Installed it looks like this:
IMG_20180412_215525.jpg (444.53 KiB) Viewed 165 times
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