STe replacing motheboard capacitors

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STe replacing motheboard capacitors

Post by docrv » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:52 am

Hello guys,

Just to give you a feedback on changing the STe CA4003290 motherboard capacitors.

Qty original new value
11 16V 47 uF 16V 47 uF
6 16V 100 uF 16V 120 uF
2 35V 10 uF 50V 15 uF
4 35V 4,7 uF 50V 6,8 uF
1 35V 470 uF 50V 560 uF (C216)
1 16V 4700 uF 16V 5100 uF (C103)
1 16V 22 uF 25V 68 uF (C102)

...and everything goes well. Of course, following Exxos' advice, I used branded-low ESR capacitorn (mostly Panasonic FR series).
I changed the TV before and after the modification but I have the feeling the image is much more stable. There is no more a micro-waves effects on the screen. You know, the pixels were dancing a little bit. It is now totally stable.

I don't mean what I did is the right way to do it or it is something we should consider, it is just to give you my experience, for people having the same idea. It works !


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