PSU bracket remake ?

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PSU bracket remake ?

Post by exxos » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:41 pm

Was actually thinking about the metal power supply plate, mostly in terms of the remake project, also maybe use with normal Atari's as well..

If anyone is up for the challenge of creating and printing out the power supply bases, could probably be used for my new power supplies, and indeed intention for the new motherboard as well. Not really any need for metal and I'm sure with a little tweaking it can be made out of plastic instead (3-D printed).

Of course the back part where the mains connector and main switch go without be made out of thick plastic but I don't think that would be a problem anyway. The fixings where the bracket screws into the motherboard would have to be made out of plastic pillars and a longer screw used, but there is space to do that and would solve that problem as well..

In terms of my latest power supply it does not need any metalwork for cooling. But of course other power supplies could be used as well, in terms of remake project, a general 5V brick PSU could be mounted internally on a special bracket for example.

It is probably one of them silly things which may well be cheap enough to get injection moulding done.. Main problem I have is my power supplies do not include the metal framework for obvious reasons, I think people would rather buy complete unit to simply swap out.. I do have some metal frameworks some power supplies probably next year, but with no sustainable source of these, I think a 3D printed one would likely be the way to go..

So if any 3D designers are up for doing this...
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