Future store updates planned (backend)

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Re: Future store updates planned (backend)

Post by exxos » Fri May 31, 2019 1:55 pm

Yeah, we pretty much came to the same conclusion as well... In that while we could tape items to card to keep the more flat, but it just creates more work and expense, just to save like the buyer £1 in postage. Plus there is the risk factor of items are more likely to get damaged, particularly overseas, plus envelopes tend to get jammed in the sorting machines and disappear. Overall is just not worth the hassle.

Small items like the ROM's (PLCC chip) should be okay to send in a jiffy bag, and of course everyone in the world now gets these £2 cheaper than before now.

But of course people don't generally just order one thing.. If a larger item such as the ROM PCB (assembled) is also ordered, this is set to go in the box, it basically has no choice. So both items go in the same box, and boxes always take priority over the jiffy bags... Really it can be seen as jiffy bags or standard postage unless otherwise stated (IE BOX) .

Of course there is some slight issues in the system that if someone ordered 10 switches, they should really go in a box because of the overlapping issue during transit inside the jiffy bag.. So there would need to be another system in place that says if anyone orders more than 2 of the same item, it goes in a box.. But of course it still would not work out if someone ordered various ROM's on their own, as it would be one item of each. Of course anything over £10 defaults back to a box anyway.. But the problem really is where to draw the line and what we allow to be sent in a jiffy bag and what not.

But for the moment, I do not think anyone is going to order a massive amount of the same item which will go in a jiffy bag anyway.. Of course only really affects low-cost items such as the switches and maybe header pins etc anyway. So will just see how it goes this new system in place over the next few months.
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