New STE & STFM UBE ROM boards in stock

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New STE & STFM UBE ROM boards in stock

Post by exxos » Fri May 10, 2019 7:47 pm

The STE & STFM DUAL TOS boards are now in stock with the UBE reset switch. For those who do not know, this allows you to change the TOS version via the reset switch. This has not been thoroughly tested, so I'm classing this function as a BETA.

The STE boards are a lot more expensive because they were actually purchased about two years ago and the PCB prices were massively higher back then. Of course we have access to much cheaper PCB houses now, so this is why the STFM version is a lot cheaper than the STE ones, as it was only produced recently. Ultimately the prices will come down when future batches are done. Though like with anything which has just come on the market, the prices are generally higher anyway. Once all the current stocks of blue & black boards have sold, the red ones will be the only ones likely to be sold (assembled) and the price should be lower.

Of course the blue STE DUALTOS kit is only £15. As mentioned previously, these will not be produced as a kit once those stocks have depleted. I am mostly trying to sell assemble things these days for people.

STE versions.

STFM version.

STFM_DUALTOS_UBE.jpg (16.72 KiB) Viewed 1037 times

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