Lightning ST USB-IDE Interface for Atari ST Computers

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Cloudy: Flashable, dual TOS add-on for the Lightning ST

Post by czietz » Sat Dec 07, 2019 9:33 am

When we made the Lightning ST – the only combined USB and IDE adapter for the Atari ST/MegaST – people asked us about upgrading their STs to TOS 2.06 or EmuTOS for built-in IDE support. We listened to you!

We’re happy to present you the CLOUDY: an extremely compact TOS adapter to be used together with the Lightning ST. It allows you to switch between two TOS ROMs: one ROM comes with EmuTOS preinstalled, the other one can be flashed via software by you, for example with TOS 2.06. See below for an important note about supported TOS versions.

Care has been taken to make the installation as easy as possible: The Cloudy can be soldered directly on top of the CPU. It has the same dimensions like the DIL socket that is otherwise required to install the Lightning ST. In that way, Cloudy and Lightning ST will fit even into the little space available on some STfs. If you prefer, the Cloudy will also work on top of the Lightning ST, though.

Only two jumper wires need to be connected to the Lightning ST for the Cloudy to work – plus two extra wires to a switch in case you want to switch between the two possible TOS/EmuTOS versions.

To summarize:
• Works in every ST (together with the Lightning ST)
• Extremely compact
• Comes with EmuTOS preinstalled
• A second operating system can be flashed
• Flash software is provided

Supported TOS versions:
• TOS 2.06, EmuTOS 256k ROMs: always!
• TOS 1.00 – 1.04, KAOS 192k ROMs: only if your STs mainboard supports 1 Mbit ROMs. This is the case if your mainboard is currently fitted with only two TOS ROMs. Also, many mainboards with six ROMs can also be re-configured for 1 Mbit ROMs. Inquire with us if you plan to use TOS 1.0x in the Cloudy and are unsure about the capabilities of your board.

Inquiries as usual via email: (Do not post you orders in this thread, instead, as the email address is our official channel for orders.) Ask for our special bundle prices when you order a Lightning ST and a Cloudy. Owners of a Lightning ST: Please ask for our upgrade pricing.
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Re: Lightning ST USB-IDE Interface for Atari ST Computers

Post by BlankVector » Sat Dec 07, 2019 10:39 am

Excellent stuff :ugeek:
A flashable TOS board is exactly what users need. And with dual-TOS support, it is just perfect.
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