Whats going on "round up"

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Whats going on "round up"

Post by exxos » Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:54 am

Whats going on round up.. I'm losing track of whats what. There is always a lot going on which I do not post, like repairs etc.. but this is the status of most projects..

Falcon RTC boards sent off for assembly as stock running low.. I only had 7 PCB's , but 50 more on order.

exxos PSU's... Some now sold out.. No more will be made of that type. I have 10 new prototype boards on order..

Falcon ST-RAM boards, 18 sent off for assemble as stock running low.
Also moved the capacitor as people were moaning double sided simms couldn't be used. 50 PCB's now on order.

64MHz 68SEC000 BOOSTER prototype, 3 sent off for assembly. I need to work on the firmware when they arrive.

2600 SWITCHES - waiting for new PCB's to arrive.

- Waiting for some free time to make a start.

2600 MULTI ROM CART - I want to design a inexpensive ROM cart which can take a PLCC ROM. Likely be good for 100 games. I may even put 2 or 4 PLCC sockets for ROM bank switching for 400 games. I know there is a SD-CARD cart about which looks very good, but also a little expensive. So I think a basic cheap ROM cart might be worth doing. In kit forum it wouldn't really cost much to produce I think.
(no thread started yet)

- Waiting on DRAM to arrive to build up a new batch as stock keeps running low.

PeST MOUSE INTERFACE - been sold out for a while. I did a small batch a while ago (About 10) I do have parts to build up more, though its not high up on my to do list.

MMU OC BOARD - Working towards a more final design for the MMU overclock mod which troed has been kindly working on for the past weeks. Waiting for a lib currently ;)

UBE video adapters
- waiting for delivery , hopefully be in stock very soon.

DIAGNOSTIC CART protoype - Waiting on PCBs to arrive.

STE PLUG IN BOOSTER V2 - on hold. Basically due to lack of time. Though as I am looking at the 68SEC000 CPU, I need to finish tests with that first and likely the STE booster will be re-designed to use that CPU. Though I need to finish the STFM prototype series first, this will likely take a long time to complete, even before I consider a new STE booster. There are others such as Rodolphe working on a 020/030 STE/MSTE boosters, so I am not in a huge rush to re-invent another STE booster.

STE PLUG IN BOOSTER V1.5 - PCB undering final tweaks.

AMN (Atari Music network) - No posts for a while, I still have a lot of posts to copy over yet. Though copying html pages , formatting, and creating forum posts does take a lot of time. So those posts are still being done, just not high up on my to do list.

STF REMAKE PROJECT - on hold. Mostly lack of time. But I need to finish my booster work as such tech will be integrated into the new motherboard. Really the current "clone" needs finishing off and building and testing first.. If someone wanted to get some boards made and build it, then I could finish the clone layout and send the gerbers.. ( I would need one building for myself also) Though the PCB likely be expensive as its pretty large and 4 layers. Though the test design can be done a bit smaller as a lot of the board is current blank..

BLITTER CLONE PROJECT - on hold. Likely a FPGA from suska might be good enough alternative rather than designing a "gate compatible" chip.

ST SHIFTER CLONE PROJECT - on hold. Just don't have the time to continue the design currently. Possible suska core a better direction to go in.

ST MMU CLONE PROJECT - on hold. Just don't have the time to continue the design currently. Possible suska core a better direction to go in.

STFM CASE REMAKE - Undergoing 3D printing testing currently. Though at £450 per case its unlikely I will continue working on this past the prototype stage.


The 060 CPU's have almost sold out. They only seem to sell when Willy produces a new batch of CT60. As it is unknown if he will do another batch, I am leaning towards not investing any more cash into the CPU's as I spent £2,000+ on them last time!

Due to lack of time (and finger pain) a lot of prototypes (and small batch runs) are being sent off to a company in the UK who are assembling items for me. This increases my costs to produce items ,and some prices in my store may go up because of it.

Similarly, PCB's I design may take a lot longer as I don't particularly find spending 100+ hours routing pcbs enjoyable anymore. Again, it isn't helping my finger pain. So I will mostly only be working on smaller PCB's, or trying to autoroute larger ones in the future, even if I have to use more layers.

Anything else which isn't mentioned is likely "on hold" and no idea/ or plans, as to when work will start again.. or I may have simply forgotten about it :)

There are some other projects being worked on and some with other people, but a lot isn't made "public" yet as projects may or may not happen..
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